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About Us is a highly advanced aesthetic clinic that has been developed to cater to different types of cosmetic surgeries and treatments.

Cosmetic surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are now being used to beautify oneself and rectify many skin disorders, accidental injuries, and diseases.

our expert doctors and team.

Cosmetic surgeries and treatment hold much more importance than ever before, and we at Bay Side Cosmetic Clinic make sure to instil its importance in our expert doctors and team.

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A team of specialists

We have put together a team of specialists who are not only the best at what they do but are empathic and treat every patient as an individual without judgment. 

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Qualified doctors


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Bay Side cosmetic clinic is one of a kind aesthetic clinic developed to cater to all kinds of cosmetic surgeries and treatments. We have state of the art facilities and highly advanced equipment and machinery to carry out different surgeries

our doctors and staff

Not only that, we make sure that our doctors and staff are the best in their jobs.

Our physicians and specialists

Our physicians and specialists are experts in their field and hold multiple years of experience.

Best training to assist the doctors.

On the other hand, our staff has also been trained with the best training to assist the doctors.

Our specialists

We also offer different training to our doctors and staff to keep them updated with the advancements in the cosmetic surgery world.

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xcellent after-care services

Or clinics not only carry out the surgery but provide excellent after-care services and follow-ups.


What our patients say

Our primary concern is the client’s satisfaction, and for this, our doctors will guide you through the entire surgery process

 enlighten you with every detail to ease the decision process. We also offer simulations to visualize the change a cosmetic surgery will bring; this also helps enormously in making the decision. We assure 100% client satisfaction with our stunning facilities.

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